Y Combinator Startup ReadyForZero Aims To Help You Reduce Credit Card Debt

Posted Feb 3, 2011

ReadyForZero is a startup that received seed funding from Y Combinator. ReadyForZero aims to help consumers reduce their credit card debt. Users can connect their credit card accounts online to find out how they can pay off that debt. Users can register a certain date that they want to be debt free by and how much they are willing to pay each month.

Then ReadyForZero sets up a payment schedule and other tools for paying off that debt. ReadyForZero raised $260,000 from Y Combinator, Dave McClure, and Steve Chen.

?Some of this stuff is actionable on your own, we can?t force you to do it,? stated ReadyForZero CEO Rod Ebrahimi. ?But we can see whether you?ve done it or not, and we?re able to show [users] some tools they haven?t considered.?