Y Combinator’s Estimote Officially Launches With Micro-Location Device

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Estimote has officially launched their service to create an OS for the physical world.  The Estimote app is now available as a free download at the iTunes Store.  Developer kits are also available on Estimote’s website.  Estimote has created small and inexpensive wireless sensors that adds micro-location functionality to various applications and the Dev Kit can be ordered for $99 per three sensors from the company’s website.  Estimote is a Y Combinator startup accelerator company.

The Estimote Beacons use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to detect the location of smartphones nearby (as close as four inches or as far as 160 feet).  Retailers can use Estimote to make smarter decisions and application developers can add micro-location functionality to their offerings.  Using Estimote?s SDK, businesses and developers will be able to obtain key analytics through a centralized dashboard.

?We are honored to be part of this summer?s Y-Combinator group and for all the support we have received from its many mentors and investors,? stated Estimote co-founder and CEO Jakub Krzych.  ?We believe consumers, businesses and developers will be blown away by the power and capabilities of Estimote Beacons and the revolution new capabilities that it offers.?

Estimote was founded in Krakow, Poland.  Now the company is jointly based in California.