Yahoo! Abandoning Mobile Initiatives On Smartphones To Focus On iPhone

Posted May 19, 2009

Here is some news that is a blow to those that have a smartphone and enjoyed using Yahoo!’s Mobile services.  Yahoo! will be abandoning the efforts to update their mobile applications for the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.  Instead Yahoo! will be focusing their Mobile services on the Apple iPhone.

Below is a statement from a Yahoo! spokesperson:

We are reprioritizing some products to help us better deliver the best possible experiences to consumers on mobile. To streamline our services, we will not develop Yahoo! Mobile for smartphones to focus our efforts on mobilizing Yahoo!, improving Yahoo! Mobile for web and Yahoo! Mobile for iPhone as well as developing new and engaging experiences for consumers, partners and advertisers.

We currently have mobile products that reach hundreds of different devices (including Blackberry), and we continue to expand that comprehensive list.

There is a new version of Yahoo! Mobile for smartphones being developed at  But in terms of giving developers a beta program for the product, this will not be available starting May 20.

[via TechCrunch]