Yahoo! Acquires Cross-Gaming Platform Company PlayerScale

Posted May 23, 2013

Yahoo! has acquired PlayerScale, a company that develops software used for cross-platform gaming.   Yahoo! has not disclosed the financial details around the deal.


?The team has built an incredible gaming platform that is used by over 150 million players worldwide. We intend to continue to support and grow PlayerScale?s technology, and we look forward to building great new experiences on Yahoo! using the PlayerScale platform,? said Yahoo! in a statement.

Founded in 2011, PlayerScale was self-funded and is cash-flow positive.  PlayScale had a staff of 14 around the time that they were acquired.  It is uncertain how many of them will be joining Yahoo!

?Today is a great day ? both in our journey with PlayerScale and for users of our Player.IO product. We are happy to announce the next big step toward our goal of building the best possible gaming infrastructure platform: we have been acquired by Yahoo!. And don?t worry, we?re not going anywhere. Our platform will continue to support the same great games that you love playing today ? and in fact, it will only get better from here!” said PlayerScale CEO Jesper Jensen in a blog post.

PlayerScale is adding around 400,000 new users every day and their daily user growth rate increased by almost 60% in the last four months alone.