Yahoo! Acquires FoxyTunes, Integrating The Toolbar Into Music Services

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Yahoo! has acquired Israel-based FoxyTunes.  FoxyTunes is especially known for their toolbar that allows users to control their playlist from an Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox status bar in the browser.  Yahoo! also recently shutdown its premium music services and is redirecting customers to Rhapsody.

Yahoo! acquired FoxyTunes because the company shares a vision of “Universality and Openness.”  FoxyTunes will be expected to support other music players and additional music web sites.  FoxyTunes also has a Signatures feature that shows the track that is currently playing when signing emails or writing blog posts.

Alex and Vitaly Sirota started FoxyTunes a few years ago and raised seed capital to keep the project going.  The official acquisition announcement was made on the Yahoo! Music Blog and the FoxyTunes blog.

This announcement comes in the midst of Microsoft’s offer to acquire Yahoo! for close to $45 billion.    I first wrote about FoxyTunes in January 2007.