Yahoo! Acquires Milewise and GoPollGo

Posted May 9, 2013

Yahoo! has announced that they have acquired two startups called MileWise and GoPollGo.  Both of these companies will be shutting down their services and will join mobile teams at Yahoo!.  Five employees at MileWise will be placed in Yahoo!’s mobile office in New York and the three GoPollGo founders will be moved to Yahoo!’s mobile division in Sunnyvale, California.  The terms of the acquisition are unknown.

MileWise is a startup that allows users to factor airline miles, hotel points, and credit card points to search for flights.  The website can keep track of a user’s reward points in one centralized location.  MileWise raised around $1.5 million in debt funding from many investors in January 2011.

GoPollGo is a startup that launched two years ago.  GoPollGo is a social polling website that has Facebook and Twitter integration.  Polls can also be easily created for placement on a blog or website.  The company’s clients included The Weather Channel,, and ESPN.  GoPollGo had raised around $425,000 in seed funding from IdeaLab, CrunchFund, and several other investors.