Yahoo! users may have been exposed to malware

Posted Jan 5, 2014

If you clicked an ad on one of Yahoo!’s websites in the last few days, you may be at risk of having your computer infected by malware, according to Internet security company Fox IT.

Fox IT said that 300,000 users were visiting the infected ads every hour. This means that around 27,000 computers were infected every hour since around 9% of computers are infected after visiting the website. Fortunately, most computer users have software that fights the malware. The malware is believed to have started spreading on December 30th.

The malware redirected clicks to ads on Yahoo! to an infected website, which contained security holes in Java to install the malware. Some of the malicious software that was installed are called either ZeuS, Andromeda, Dorkbot, Tinba, or Necurs.

Most of the users that were affected appear to be in Great Britain, France, and Romania. Yahoo! said that they are aware of security issues and said that the infection rate has declined significantly.

[Image Credit/Source: Fox IT blog]