Yahoo! Amped About Advertising & Wants Mo’ Microsoft Money

Posted Apr 7, 2008

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Internet search engine, Yahoo! Inc. is preparing to launch AMP! AMP! is an online advertising platform that should be ready by this summer. Through this system, Yahoo!’s publishing partners will be able to place ads on their sites and across other Yahoo! properties. The platform will also give advertisers the ability to research demographics and online behavior.

Yahoo!’s last advertising platform, Panama kept on delaying which gave Google the opportunity to step up and dominate online advertising. Even AMP! does not sound promising because it sounds like Yahoo! is limiting the system to just their own partners. Google allows anyone with a web site to be a publishing partner to spread their ads.

Yahoo! has already started to present AMP! to its publication partners such as The New York Times’ Regional Media Group. The Regional Media Group has 15 newspapers. A video demo of AMP! is available on the Yahoo! Blog.

Over the weekend Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer wrote a letter to Yahoo! about how negotiations have not taken place yet for a potential Microsoft acquisition. Since this has not happened, Ballmer is prepared to work directly with Yahoo!’s shareholders.

However, sources close to the matter mentioned that Yahoo! is going to publicly respond today by sending Microsoft a letter. The letter will entail details that the company is not opposed to the deal, but simply wants more than $31 per share. Yahoo! is also expected to deny that their company is deteriorating.

Look for the letter on Pulse 2.0 later today if the sources are correct.

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