Yahoo! Attempted To Unload Delicious On Digg

Posted Jan 28, 2011

On the Diggnation podcast, Digg founder Kevin Rose revealed that he had talks with Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) about taking over Delicious. This was before an internal memo leaked where Yahoo! said they are planning to sunset Delicious.

Initially Rose said he thought Yahoo! wanted to sell them off, but it turns out they wanted to give Delicious a new home in general. That is when they started talking about how much it would cost to keep Delicious online.

Rose wrote in a tweet after the slide leaked that he would be interested in buying Delicious and combining it with Digg to make one giant bookmarking website. One of the ideas he had in upgrading Delicious is by allowing users to take a snapshot of websites that they bookmarked. He also believed that audio recording and audio annotations would be a good addition to Delicious bookmarks. Rose had also contacted Delicious founder Joshua Schachter to find out if he would join him in working on a project to enhance Delicious. He does not know whether Yahoo! would hand Delicious to him or not.