Yahoo! has acquired Aviate

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Yahoo! has acquired Aviate, a startup that uses the apps on your smartphone to compile information that is relevant. Aviate is also known as an “Intelligent Homescreen” app. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer said that Yahoo! could use Aviate’s technology to show content that is smarter and more personalized during a presentation at CES.

“The Aviate team has created a product that changes the way users interact with their Android devices by connecting them to information at the moment it?s useful.  We?re thrilled to share what they?ve built and extend it to our users,” said Yahoo! SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products Adam Cahan. “We hope to make Aviate a central part of our Android-based experiences in 2014 (and beyond), and we are committed to continued innovation on the product.”

Aviate raised around $1.8 million in funding last year from investors like Highland Capital, Draper Associates, Andreessen Horowitz, Freestyle Capital, Dan Rose, and Keval Desai, according to Crunchbase.