Yahoo Buys To-Do App Astrid

Posted May 2, 2013

Yahoo! has acquired another mobile application company called Astrid.  Astrid’s app is known for managing to-do lists and tasks.  The app will continue to operate as is for the next 90 days, but they will not be accepting any new premium subscriptions.  Astrid CEO Jon Paris confirmed the acquisition in a blog post.

“To make future changes as easy as possible, we’ll be in touch with users shortly to share how to download data,” stated Paris.  Yahoo! will issue refunds for eligible users that have paid annual subscriptions, Power-Pack, and Locale Plugins.

Ever since Marissa Mayer took the helm as Yahoo! CEO, the company has affirmed their commitment to mobile.  Last month, Yahoo! released a new mobile app that included the integration of the company’s $30 million acquisition of Summly.  Yahoo! also launched a new mail and weather app last month.  Yahoo! also acquired mobile app companies Alike in February 2013 and Stamped in October 2012.