Yahoo Buzz Opens To Public

Posted Aug 19, 2008

Yahoo’s me-too Digg Clone has finally opened up to the public. Yahoo launched Buzz last February in hopes of joining the Digg clique. Buzz, like other social content sites, allows users to vote up or down stories. Buzz tries to differentiate itself by taking into account search popularity and “sharability” to determine a story’s rank.

Popular stories on Buzz have a chance at appearing on the Yahoo homepage. Hitting the Yahoo homepage will get you more traffic than hitting the homepages of Digg, Reddit, and Propeller combined. Ofcourse the system is not completely automated and human editors still decide what goes on the Yahoo homepage.

A chance at hitting Yahoo’s homepage will be the primary force behind the site’s popularity. Besides offering a chance at hitting Yahoo’s homepage, Buzz does not bring anything new to the table. It’s singing the same old social voting song.