Yahoo! Considering To Shut Down MyBlogLog

Posted Dec 23, 2009

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is considering the possibilities of shutting down MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog was basically a widget that occupied the sidebar of blogs to showcase which users most recently visited their website. The hype around MyBlogLog died down shortly after the Web 2.0 collapse. However reports MyBlogLog as being a top 2,000 website in the world so that indicates that there is a good number of active users left using the service even though there isn’t any more very popular blogs that still use the service.

MyBlogLog launched about 5 years ago and was acquired by Yahoo! in January 2007 for $10 million. Yahoo! did not end up doing much around MyBlogLog after acquiring the service. The only new additions made on MyBlogLog shortly after the acquisition was a bookmarklet for displaying recent bookmarks, Flickr pictures, tweets and LinkedIn information of MyBlogLog users.

“Frankly, it’s no secret within Yahoo! that we’re actively discussing the future of MyBlogLog. However, it’s also true that we have not made any final decisions at this point. Is a shutdown on the table? Sure, that’s an option. But there are other options as well,” stated Chris Yeh, head of Yahoo! Developer Network.