Yahoo! Execs Susan Decker, Blake Jorgensen, and Michael Callahan Get Bonuses While The CEO’s Salary Is $1 And Apparently Gives Lousy Tips

Posted Mar 8, 2008

In the last couple of months, Yahoo! laid off a large number of their employees. Then Microsoft stepped in and showed interest in acquiring them for $44.1 billion. It was a blow to company morale, but Microsoft based the acquisition price at much higher than Yahoo!’s current valuation . Yesterday, a filing in an SEC report showed that the President and the general counsel of Yahoo! received bonuses.

According to a report filed with the SEC, Susan Decker, President of Yahoo! received a $1.1 million bonus in 2007. The general counsel, Michael Callahan received a $225,000 bonus. And Blake Jorgensen, the CFO, received a $405,000 bonus last year. The filing revealed that Susan Decker’s salary is at $815,000.

Co-founder and CEO of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang did not get a bonus and has a $1 salary. Yang’s current worth tied in Yahoo! stock is $2.3 billion. Valleywag points out that Jerry Yang gives bad tips at a swanky Silicon Valley lunch spot, usually at less than 10%. Google executives give better tips at the same spot.

If Valleywag is right, my words of advice for Yang is to stop leaving less than 10. Not cool. If there’s anything I learned from Ryan Reynolds, its to never mess with the people who bring you your food. Same case with the movie, Road Trip.