Yahoo! Fire Eagle Officially Launches

Posted Aug 13, 2008

Yesterday Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) released Fire Eagle.  Fire Eagle is an open platform  with an emphasis on allowing users to store and manage information regarding their location.  Several companies have signed on in providing applications with Fire Eagle.

“Fire Eagle is about making everything on the Internet more useful, fun or interesting by adding the element of location,” stated Tom Coates, Head of Product at Yahoo! Brickhouse. “We’re here to help people take their location to the Web by giving them the ability to control how much detail about their location they want to share and which applications they want to share it with.”

Since Fire Eagle is an open, it allows any networked application to connect a user’s location.  An example that TechCrunch gives is that if a message is sent from Pownce, Fire Eagle can automatically update social network profiles and blogs about where that user is currently located.  Other Fire Eagle partners include Brightkite, Dash, Dipity, Dopplr, eKit, Lightpole, Loki, Map My Tracks, Navizon, Movable Type,, Plazes, Rummble, Wikinear, ZoneTag, and ZKOUT.

Yahoo! Brickhouse is the company’s home for start-up projects with small teams to come up with ideas. 

“Fire Eagle allowed us to easily add location data to Pownce using their simple API,” stated Leah Culver, co-founder of Pownce. “Pownce users can now say where they are and geotag their notes which adds a new dimension to the service.”

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