Yahoo! Former President Sue Decker To Become Harvard Teacher

Posted Sep 11, 2009

Yahoo! ex-President Sue Decker had stepped down back in January shortly after Yahoo! co-founder hired Carol Bartz as the new CEO. It was uncertain what Decker would do next because her dealings with Microsoft were considered to be a series of missteps. When Decker was on Yahoo!’s board, Microsoft offered the company $31 per share as part of a buyout. Decker and Yahoo! decided against the offer and now Yahoo!’s stock price is below $15 per share.

Now it has been revealed what she plans to do next. Decker will become an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Harvard Business School. At Harvard, Decker will work with students that are interested in starting their own companies. Decker will work with Professor Tom Eisenmann and Senior Lecturer Michael Roberts. She will also deliver presentations for HBS’ Immersion Experience Program (IXP).