Yahoo! Hires Abaca and Return Path For Mail Antispam

Posted Jan 21, 2009

Yahoo! is taking a big step towards ensuring their Mail users receive less spam.  The search engine company with a new CEO has hired a couple of companies to enhance their mailing technology in order to detect spam and notify marketing companies about e-mail user habits.

Yahoo! recently hired Abaca, a company that makes e-mail security technology to detect phishing and spam messages.  Yahoo! will be using Abaca to detect spam messages and filter them out of Yahoo! Mail inboxes and into a spam folder.  Abaca’s technology partners include VMWare, First Class Application Partner, and Coyote Point Systems Inc.

Return Path was also hired by Yahoo! Return Path monitors e-mails that were reported as spam and notifies e-mail marketers.  This way it will train e-mail marketers how to brand their e-mails to prevent looking too much like spam.

Lastly Yahoo!’s anti-spam team will be utilizing a “supercomputer” made of thousands of PCs as part of the open source Hadoop project to detect spammers even further.  Yahoo! partnered with several universities for this project.

Mark Risher, Anti-Spam Czar for Yahoo! reminds Mail users that “if Yahoo! Mail does let something slip through into the wrong folder ? either allowing spam into your inbox or mistakenly putting a good message in your Spam folder ? please use the ‘Spam’ and ‘Not Spam’ buttons to let us know. Clicking those buttons sends an immediate and powerful signal to our systems (and to me 🙂 so that we can quickly try to correct the problem. It?s the best way for us to get better, and to continue keeping your e-mail experience great!”