Yahoo! Is Now Sending Out ‘Watch List’ Usernames

Posted Aug 27, 2013

There are many registered Yahoo! users that are inactive.  These users may have a username that someone else may potentially want.  Yahoo! has not started recycling those usernames on an on-demand basis.  Yahoo! has disabled usernames that have been inactive in the past year to make them available for others.  The invitations are being rolled out to people that made a wish list of usernames before August 7th.

The top requests from the initial offering for men includes David, Michael, and Alex.  The top requests for women include Maria, Jennifer, and Jessica.

People that did not receive the username of their choice will be added to a “Watchlist.”  When the name becomes available, recipients will get 14 days to claim it before it goes to the next person.  For $1.99, you can have your top five username choices added to the Watchlist.  This is applicable for the next 3 years.

[Source: Mashable]