Yahoo! Is Offering Flickr Users 1TB Of Free Online Storage

Posted May 21, 2013

Yahoo! acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion just a couple of days ago and yesterday they announced that their photo-sharing website Flickr will be offering 1TB of online storage for free.  This means that Flickr users can store over 500,000 images at a high resolution.  The Flickr website has also been redesigned in a tile format to emphasize larget photos rather than featuring a lot of text and white space.

The Flickr photos are bigger and are shared in full resolution rather than being compressed into a lower quality.  Flickr also launched a new Android application.  This is higher than the 15GB of free storage that Google is offering across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+.

Yahoo! has limited photo uploads at 200MB each on their free tier and 1080p video uploads (up to 1GB each) at a duration of 3 minutes.  Files can be uploaded and downloaded at original quality.

“Flickr?s stunning new desktop design puts photos at the heart of the experience. Built around a new photostream that gives you a vivid and endlessly scrolling gallery, it?s easy to see what your friends are posting and what they?re saying about your photos,” said Yahoo in a blog post. “And because Flickr has always been about exploring photographs from users around the world, we?ve also created a new slideshow that displays the most spectacular Flickr photos in gorgeous full-screen.”

Flickr lets you sign up for an “Ad Free” account at $50 per year.  It costs $500 per year for 2TB of storage.