Yahoo! Is Shutting Down AltaVista And 11 Other Products

Posted Jun 29, 2013

Yahoo! is shutting down 12 products.  Of those 12, one of the most well known is AltaVista.  The other products that Yahoo! will be shutting down include Yahoo! Axis, Yahoo! Browser Plus, Citizen Sports, Yahoo! WebPlayer, FoxyTunes, Yahoo! RSS Alerts, Yahoo! Neighbors Beta, Yahoo! Stars India, Yahoo! Downloads Beta, Yahoo! Local API, and Yahoo! Term Extraction API.

Yahoo! Axis – shutting down June 28, 2013 – Yahoo! Axis was a desktop browser extension and mobile browser that was created for iOS devices.

Yahoo! BrowserPlus – shutting down June 28, 2013 – BrowserPlus is a technology for web browsers that lets developers create rich web applications with desktop capabilities.

Citizen Sports – shutting down June 28, 2013 – Citizen Sports is a service that Yahoo! acquired in March 2010.  Citizen Sports runs several sports-related products like fantasy football, sports news, information, and programming.

Yahoo! WebPlayer – shutting down June 30, 2013 – Yahoo! WebPlayer made it easy to add trailers, clips, and videos related to movies that are mentioned on your pages.    You can also play MP3s, YouTube, and other audio/video formats.  Yahoo! WebPlayer lets you keep users engaged longer on your website by intelligently adding relevant high quality videos and audio to your pages.

FoxyTunes – shutting down July 1, 2013 – FoxyTunes is a plugin that lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, and bios from within the browser.

Yahoo! RSS Alerts – shutting down July 1, 2013 – Yahoo! pointed out that you can subscribe to Keyword News alerts at Yahoo! Alerts and receive them via e-mail.

Yahoo! Neighbors Beta – shutting down July 8, 2013 – Yahoo! Neighbors is a discussion board for any topic like neighborhood safety and contractor recommendations.

AltaVista – shutting down July 8, 2013 – AltaVista is a web search engine that used to be one of the most popular.  Google grew in popularity and Yahoo! acquired AltaVista in 2003.

Yahoo! Stars India – shutting down July 25, 2013 – Yahoo! Stars India lets you find coverage on celebrities like photos, videos, tweets, audio clips, and links by celebrities.  Yahoo! Stars India will now point users to Yahoo! India OMG.

Yahoo! Downloads Beta – shutting down July 31, 2013 – Yahoo! Downloads will not support third party downloads anymore.  However, it will offer downloads of Yahoo! products like Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Toolbar.

Yahoo! Local API – shutting down September 28, 2013 – Yahoo! Local API let users tap into a comprehensive database of local business information and user reviews.  You can also get access to local traffic alerts.

Yahoo! Term Extraction API – shutting down September 28, 2013 – Yahoo!’s Term Extraction API lets users perform content analysis by providing a list of significant words or phrases extracted from a larger content.  It is one of the technologies used in Yahoo! Search and uses a RESTful API and responses are formatted in XML.