Yahoo! Live: Watch Others Live From The Viewpoint of Their Webcams

Posted Feb 7, 2008

The Advanced Products team at Yahoo! announced that they have officially launched Yahoo! Live.  Yahoo! Live is for anyone that wants to record a concert or event live, webcast a DJ set, build a video speed dating application, etc.  The host of the launch is JT The Bigga Figga.

“Youâ??ve been posting your stuff to MySpace and YouTube. Now, connect with your fans in real time on Y! Live. There is something intangible about a live performance â?? an excitement that you canâ??t replicate in pre-recorded format,” wrote Michael Quoc, Director of the Advanced Products team at Yahoo!

Yahoo! Live has some APIs that developers can play with.  There is a Javascript/AJAX API used to control specific embedded broadcasts.  Yahoo! Live also uses the REST API to use when query servers to find existing broadcasts.  Yahoo! Live competitors include Stickam,, Ustream, and Blogtv.

Users create profiles for themselves and can see their current view count.  However many broadcasts each user has made is displayed in their profile.  And a user’s profile displays how long they’ve been live.  Each live broadcast includes a chatroom where viewers and the web cam owner can interact with each other.

I think the problem with live video is that it is a fad.  For people that have a short-term attention span which includes almost everyone on the Internet – why would they sit on a site watching the life of someone else for hours and hours?