Yahoo! Mash To Be Eradicated On September 29

Posted Aug 28, 2008

About a year after Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) Mash went live, they have decided to shut down. This was made public through an e-mail that was sent to all Yahoo! Mash users. And the e-mail had a follow-up blog post by Yahoo! Community Manager Matt Warburton who confirmed the closing of the service.

The data from every user’s profile will be deleted from Yahoo! Mash except profile photos, nicknames, age, and location.

Yahoo! Mash was another social network that had features that were similar to Facebook and had Flickr RSS modules that can be moved around in drag+drop style. Yahoo! Mash was also opened up to 3rd party developers.

Yahoo! Mash also had a feature that was similar to Facebook’s News Feed called Pulse. Each member’s profile had Tags, Friends, Blog Modules, About Me, etc.

The company also shut down Yahoo 360 earlier this year. It is a big question mark whether Yahoo! will start another social network. If they do, then they should build it around Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Photos, and Yahoo! Buzz.