Yahoo! Offers Two New E-mail Domains: &

Posted Jun 19, 2008

“The move is geared to help people find a better e-mail address,” stated John Kremer, VP of Yahoo! Mail. “We want users to get the exact e-mail account they want so they stay with us for life.”

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is offering two new e-mail domain options.  This is a pretty good idea since isn’t the most sexiest e-mail address to have on a resume.  Especially considering that a yahoo is defined as “an uncultivated or boorish person; lout; philistine; yokel” on  Gmail, .edu e-mail addresses, or your company domain name e-mail sounds classier.

The new domains are and  Yahoo! attained the domain when they bought Four11 in 1997.  Yahoo! is also planning on utilizing the technologies that they have acquired from Oddpost and Zimbra to improve their Mail services as well.

Yahoo! Mail will have a “rolling thunder of announcements” in the next 6-8 months.  These announcements may include personalized applications that makes the inbox more advanced. 

Yahoo! Mail currently has 266 million users worldwide as of April 2008.  GMail is at 101 million as of April 2008.  What made signing up for GMail initially intriguing was that it was only open on an invite-only basis.  I believe one individual even traded a Kobe Bryant signed basketball for a address.

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