Yahoo! Quietly Laying Off Employees Throughout The Company

Posted Dec 14, 2010

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has started to lay-off employees across the company, but they are handing out some pretty generous severance packages. It is rumored that they are laying off about 5% of the company. ?All I got For Christmas from Yahoo is a pink slip. And hugs from Flickr. And a nice package. Adios Y! Good luck on your downslide,? tweeted one laid off employee.

In an e-mail to TechCrunch, one employee wrote:

The atmosphere here has never been worse. I have heard of dozens of current employee\?s who have provided years of service who were recently asked by their managers if they wanted to be voluntarily let go in order to save someone elses job?I expect hundreds of Yahoo\?s who will be collecting lucrative severance packages in addition to having had months to secure new jobs for themselves in 2011?.Lucky me l get to enjoy an extravagant 6 week vacation abroad on Yahoo\?s dime starting just before xmas. I\?ve already booked travel and am actually going to be meeting up with several other employees who also did essentially the same as me? I have worked here for 5 years and I can say without question I have never seen this place in such shambles.