Yahoo! Screen launches on Android

Posted Apr 30, 2014

Yahoo!’s streaming video mobile app Yahoo! Screen is now available for Android. Yahoo! first launched Yahoo! Screen for iOS last September. The Android releases comes on the heels of Yahoo!’s original programming announcement.

Yahoo! recently said it is releasing the TV series “Other Space,” which is being put together by the same team that created “Freaks and Geeks.” Another original show Yahoo! is launching will be called “Sin City Saints,” which is a show about a Silicon Valley startup veteran that is trying to build a pro basketball team in Las Vegas. The shows will start with 8 episodes each and will be available on Yahoo! Screen, Roku, and Apple TV next year. Yahoo! also partnered with Live Nation to stream one concert live every day for a year.

Competition for original programming is heating up. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon already have original programs that have become hits. And Microsoft announced this past week that it is putting together original shows, including an animated “Halo” series. YouTube has been funding original programming for years now too.

One of the advantages that Yahoo! Screen has is access to exclusive Saturday Night Live (SNL) content. It also offers programming from The Onion, MLB, Vogue, and ABC News.

[Google Play: Yahoo! Screen]