Yahoo! Sells Kelkoo To Private Equity Firm Jamplant Ltd.

Posted Nov 21, 2008

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) bought Kelkoo on March 26, 2004 for $579 million. Kelkoo is a France-based shopping price comparison engine. As Yahoo! begins to transition into a new phase, they will need some capital to get back onto their feet. Therefore Yahoo! has now sold Kelkoo to a private equity firm called Jamplant Ltd.

Although the selling price is not known, one of TechCrunch’s sources believes the price is less than $125 million. Pierre Chappaz, the former CEO of Kelkoo announced the sale on his blog.

Yahoo!’s stock price has gone south since Steve Ballmer stated that Microsoft is still no longer interested in acquiring the search engine company as a whole even though Jerry Yang stepped down from the CEO position.