Yahoo! shuts down IntoNow

Posted Jan 29, 2014

In April 2011, Yahoo! acquired IntoNow, which was a second-screen app. IntoNow is being shut down by Yahoo! It was removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play last week. An e-mail was sent to IntoNow users to notify them about the shut-down fully on March 31st.

IntoNow allowed users to “check in” to TV shows that they were watching. IntoNow’s technology included built-in auto content recognition technology. This means that the app could detect what you were watching and could check you in automatically. IntoNow’s CEO Adam Cahan was named as the SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products at Yahoo! recently though.

Here’s the statement that Yahoo! sent out about the shut-down:

“As part of our ongoing efforts to sharpen our focus, IntoNow will no longer be available for download in iTunes or Google Play as of January 24, 2014. Additionally, as of March 31st the IntoNow app will no longer

operate. The core IntoNow technology will live on through other products and apps, like Yahoo Smart TV and the new Loops feature in the Yahoo Sports iOS7 app.”

[Source: TechCrunch]

[Image Credit: TheWrap]