Yahoo! Spending $100 Million On Marketing Campaign

Posted Sep 22, 2009

Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is spending as much as Microsoft for their marketing campaign. Microsoft spent $100 million to reinvent their brand in order to get people to accept Windows Vista. Now Yahoo! is spending the same amount to launch a campaign called “It’s Y!ou.” The new advertising campaign was announced at the Advertising Bureau’s Mixx Expo by Yahoo! EVP and Chief Marketing Officer Elisa Steele.

It’s Y!ou is intended to focus on “My World” and “The World.” My Work will focus on an individual’s friends and interests. The World will focus on a broad interest information. The $100 million marketing campaign will also have a heavy focus on making web, news, and e-mail easier to use for current and future Yahoo! users.

?I think what happened with Yahoo is that people just decided to put a cloud over its head,? stated Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz. ?Now, it?s like, if we?re going to remove the cloud, then there has to be something shiny and different. [But] Yahoo has a fantastic company, a billion dollars a year free cash flow, 600 million users around the world. When you get out of New York City and Silicon Valley, everybody loves Yahoo.?