Yahoo Suing NFL Over Statistics Royalties

Posted Jun 4, 2009

Yahoo! has filed a lawsuit against the National Football League Players Association.  The search engine company believes that they should not be forced to pay royalties to use the names, statistics, and photos of NFL players when the information is already available to the public.

In the complaint that Yahoo! filed at the U.S. District Court for Minnesota stated that the NFL Players Association to sue the company if they don’t pay their license fees for the Fantasy Football service.  Yahoo! had license agreements with the NFL up until this past March 1.

Yahoo! said that they no longer need the Players Association’s permission to use the statistics, photos, and the names of the players for the Fantasy service.  In a recently similar court case, CBS Interactive was given permission to not have to pay royalties.

More details on this story as it emerges…

[via CNET]