Yahoo! Unleashes Direct Competition of Google Analytics

Posted Oct 9, 2008

Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has just introduced a new feature called Yahoo! Web Analytics.  Web Analytics is the outcome of Yahoo!’s acquisition of IndexTools.  IndexTools started in Germany around 2000.  Yahoo!’s Web Analytics software looks very similar to Google Analytics.  Yahoo! Web Analytics has executive dashboards, custom reports, advanced campaign management, real-time segmentation, live cost analysis, merchandise reporting, scenario analysis, comparative reporting, advanced path analysis, and marketing workflow management.

Yahoo! is rolling out the service throughout the rest of the year and early 2009.  Yahoo! Small Business customers will be the first ones to test out the Web Analytics. 

Yahoo! Web Analytics features a drag & drop interface, custom reports, alerts, benchmarks, and metrics.  What is Yahoo! Web Analytics’ advantage over Google Analytics?

“While some analytics products provide data 24-48 hours after
collection, Yahoo! Web Analytics reflects data within minutes of
collection. In other words, with Yahoo! Web Analytics, you can
practically see in real-time what your website users are experiencing [FAQs].”