Yahoo! Wins T-Mobile USA Preferred Search Engine Deal

Posted Nov 20, 2008

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has struck a deal with T-Mobile USA for OneSearch to become the preferred search engine.  OneSearch is Yahoo!’s mobile browser and this is the second telecomm deal that Yahoo! has one.  AT&T brought Yahoo! on board as their partner for the default search engine for new customers.

Google has a dela with Sprint Nextel.  Verizon is currently in talks with both Microsoft and Google.  Between T-Mobile and AT&T, Yahoo! will be able to reach 105 million subscribers in the U.S.  This deal does not affect the T-Mobile partnership with Google for the G1 smartphone.  T-Mobile and Yahoo! will share advertising revenue generated by the partnership.

Microsoft and Google’s battle for the Verizon Wireless deal is rumored to be worth about $550-$650 million.