Yahoo! Wins The Right To Declassify Prism Court

Posted Jul 16, 2013

Yahoo! has won the right to declassify and publish papers from 2008 that involves the National Security Agency’s establishment of Prism.  The U.S. government was given until July 29th to say how long they will need to prepare the documents for publication.  Yahoo! filed the papers with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to get permission to publicize the documents that they filed in the original case.

Yahoo! took this legal action to show how much they objected to government requests for handing over data.  The transcript from 2008 will reveal how much the U.S. government justified the Prism surveillance plan.

The documents would “contribute constructively to the ongoing public discussion around online privacy,” said Yahoo! in a statement.  Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the details about Prism after fleeing from the U.S.  Snowden’s whereabouts are unknown and the U.S. government wants to bring him back for a trial.

The U.S. government wants to review the papers before publication so that certain information can be redacted, according to the BBC.