Yahoo!’s Flickr Announces Video Sharing

Posted Apr 9, 2008

“What we are doing is going to meet a huge unmet need in the market,” stated Kakul Srivastava, General Manager of Flickr. “Most people aren’t showing their personal videos at all right now.”

Yahoo! Inc.’s Flickr subsidiary is starting a new service in the form of video sharing. Videos have to be created by the user and need a Flickr Pro account. Pro accounts run for about $24.95 per year.

Videos can be up to 90 seconds long. The thought behind this idea was that Flickr is intended to capture “slices of life.” Video shouldn’t be any different. Video services are available in 8 languages including: English, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

Many of the press releases and blogs I’m reading immediately try to connect this new feature as a competitor to YouTube. But I do not think it is comparable. Flickr made this clear by making the cut-off time 90 seconds. The average time for a YouTube video to become viral is usually above the 90 second mark. Flickr emphasizes that the videos should just be mere snapshots.

Flickr received over 42 million hits in February. The only photo community site higher than that was Facebook at 65 million.

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