Yahoo’s New Search Won’t WOO Me From Google

Posted May 20, 2009

Yesterday Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) held an event called WOO.  Yahoo! held the event to announce a new search engine design that they are working on.  The idea of the new search engine is that they will no longer just be showing a bunch of blue links as search results but actually show related objects.  Same song and dance as many other Google competitors.

Like BusinessInsider, I agree when they say that the appeal of search is that it should just be stupid simple.  Type in a keyword and find the result that you are looking for.  Surely there are some glitches with Google’s algorithm as there is a lot of spam that gets indexed.  But that still doesn’t change the fact that everyone loves Google because of how simple it is.

Below is a screenshot of the new Yahoo! search results that I pulled from CNET.  I actually fail to see the difference that they have with Google in terms of local search.  When typing in a business name, you will be able to read the reviews, see pictures, get a map and the contact info of the place, or check out the website.  What is the difference between this and the Google Maps integration in the search results?  If there’s no difference or no value-add, why switch?

Shame on you Yahoo!  We are not impressed.   And on top of not impressing people with a new way to search for local places, Microsoft will be giving you even more of a challenge when they unravel a new version of Kumo next week.

On the positive side, the Yahoo! BOSS platform is growing at a rapid pace  The BOSS API has hit about 1 billion search queries in this month alone.  That is about a 300% growth from 6 months ago.  When it comes to search APIs, Yahoo! is the boss but the actual search engine itself needs a complete revamp.