Yale Student Jesse Maiman Suing U.S. Airways For $1 Million Over Lost Xbox

Posted Mar 12, 2009

When you think of how people are rewarded unfair sums of money for sueing a company over your own stupidity, I instantly think of the Stella Liebeck who burned herself with hot coffee from McDonald’s.  If this Yale kid somehow wins $1 million by sueing U.S. Airways over a lost Xbox, I’ll have a new story associated with the above statement.

Jesse Maiman was flying from New Haven, CT to Cincinnati, OH.  He packed his Xbox 360 in his checked luggage and he supposedly had a specialized hard drive and other components within the console worth about $1,000.  The Xbox went lost during the transportation so he intends on sueing the airline company for $1 million.  A new Xbox costs less than $300.  Maiman believes he should be awarded “non-economic distress” at a minimum value of $25,000 and up to $1 million as allowed by law.

U.S. Airways has yet to be notified about the lawsuit, but has sent Maiman a response stating, “there are federal loss limits applicable to all airlines on their liability for lost luggage and belongings, which are currently set at $3,300 per bag.”

[via TG Daily]