Yandex Reports Revenues Of 7.3 Billion Rubles For Q3 2012

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Yandex is a search engine that competes intensely against Google in Russia.  Yandex’s revenue has grown 41% year-on-year based on their Q3 2012 financial results.  Last year Yandex had reported a 50% increase in revenue and an increase in profit of 76% last quarter, which is an increase in profit of 76% compared to Q2 2011.

Yandex’s revenues for the quarter was 7.3 billion Russian rubles (roughly $233 million), which is up around 41% quarter-on-quarter with last year.  The company’s operating income was up to $82.3 million (43% year-on-year).  The profit for the third quarter was 2.3 billion Russian rubles (around $73.4 million).

Yandex recently launched a social browser and their own Android store.  They also have a storage service called Yandex.Disk cloud.