Yang Wants Yahoo! To Be The “Essential Starting Point For Your Life”

Posted Jan 7, 2008

At the Consumer Electronic Show, Jerry Yang gave an update about Yahoo!’s new direction.  “We call this Life with an exclamation point,â? stated Yang. â??At Yahoo we want to be most essential starting point for your life,â? and â??take the complexity of the Web and simplify your life through very powerful technologies.â?

One of the new focuses for Yahoo! is to once again become the start page whether its My.Yahoo.com or Mail.Yahoo.com.  Yang also gave a demo to CES attendees.  The Yahoo! Mail homepage contains a side-bar nav that has Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Yahoo! Maps, eBay account, MTV, Evite, and Yahoo! Finance.  MySpace and Flickr is recommended on the side-bar as well.  At the top-middle portion of the Mail.Yahoo.com homepage, the user will be told how many emails, IMs, text messages, and voicemails they have received.  Evite and MTV is seamlessly integrated into Yahoo! Mail; the user never has to leave the page.

Zimbra will also be heavily integrated into the new Yahoo! platforms.  And Yahoo! Go, its mobile software will open its platform to developers.

â??You will definitely see pieces this year, but we need to make sure security is there with the apps,â?Â stated Brad Garlinghouse, Senior VP of communications and communities. â??We are leveraging the user interface and data to create new functionality.â?

Yahoo! is honing in on its initial focus, making itself the first page to go to for search and personalization.  This is a good self-realization for the company as some of their other services are just tangents that didn’t help the company keep its market-share.

[Information Source: ZDNet]