Ybrant Digital Buys Lycos For $36 Million In Cash

Posted Aug 16, 2010

Lycos is a search engine that was created in 1994. Lycos specializes in search, e-mail, and web hosting. Lycos’ original founder is Michael Loren Mauldin when he was a student at Carnegie Mellon University. In May 2000, Lycos was sold for $13 billion to Terra Networks. The company has been sold again this week. Here’s how it all went down.

After Lycos was sold to Terra Networks for $13 billion, the company was renamed to Terra Lycos. In October 2004, Lycos lost a lot of its market value and was sold off to Daum Communications, a Korean portal. Ybrant Digital, an Indian company decided to take the search engine off of the hands of the Korean company at a price of $36 million.

Lycos is a company that had one of the fastest IPOs since inception. In 1997, Lycos was one of the first profitable Internet companies. Lycos bought Tripod for $58 million in 1998 in order to get into the portal market. Lycos also ended up acquiring several other properties including Gamesville, Quote.com, Angelfire, Wired Digital, Matchmaker.com, HtmlGear, and Raging Bull.