YellowPages Apparently Paid $3.85 Million For Domain Name

Posted Dec 30, 2008

AT&T (NYSE:T) spent about $3.85 million to buy the domain name from LiveDeal.  This was done so that would now redirect to  This was revealed in a Form 10-K filed by LiveDeal Inc.  LiveDeal is an Internet marketing campaign company.  LiveDeal is run by John Raven as President and Michael Edelhart as CEO.  LiveDeal made about $25 million in net revenues in the past year.

BellSouth and SBC bought out for about $120 million a couple of years ago.  Three years ago, SBC bought out AT&T and then AT&T bought out Bellsouth for $67 billion.  YellowPages became a fully owned AT&T subsidiary after that.

LiveDeal is formerly known as YP Corp. which is why they owned that domain name.  While this is a lot for buying out a domain name, it is only $1 million higher than what was bought for.

[via TechCrunch]