Yelp Inc (YELP) Now Allows Mobile Reviewing

Posted Aug 13, 2013

Yelp Inc (NYSE:YELP) has announced today that they will be allowing users of their mobile app to write and post reviews from their devices.  Yelp previously only allowed users to draft reviews, but not post them.  Yelp also only allowed quick tips that were limited to 140 characters.

“Nowadays, people are more mobile savvy and are becoming used to contributing long-form content directly from their device. These days, many people are interacting with Yelp solely through their mobile device. Which is why we?re introducing the ability to write and publish reviews on mobile! Yelpers can now contribute their useful, funny and cool reviews directly from their Yelp mobile application (available today on iOS and coming soon to Android),” said the company in a blog post.  “Starting today, Yelpers won?t have to wait until they get home to tell the world why their neighborhood barber is deserving of five shiny stars – they can do it directly from their phones, while they?re on-the-go. What?s more, any photos that a Yelper has taken of the business they are reviewing will now appear in-line with their mobile reviews.”

Posts that are too short may be placed into the “tips” section automatically.  Yelp’s mobile application is used on around 10.4 million unique mobile devices on a monthly average basis as of last quarter.