Yelp Is Not Getting Out Of Daily Deals

Posted Aug 31, 2011

Several publications are speculating whether Yelp. This was based on a rumor without substance. Yelp updated their company blog to confirm that they are staying in the daily deals market. Yelp wrote that it can be beneficial for businesses to sell daily deals to “connect online marketing to offline customers in the door.”

“Well, contrary to popular belief Yelp is not killing Deals (gasp!). We did take a 30 person team that was selling daily deals and local ads and made it a 15 person team focused solely on daily deals (note: no salespeople were harmed in the making of this announcement. All are still doing great as part of our 400+ member sales team),” said Yelp.

Yelp will continue e-mailing out Deals that they find to users. Businesses will still be able to instantly post a deal to their Yelp page. In the past two months, several hundreds of thousands of businesses have posted deals.

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