Yelp Makes It’s Way On Apple Maps

Posted Sep 20, 2012

Now when you tap on restaurants, repair shops, dentist clinics, etc. on Apple Maps, you will be able to instantly see the Yelp reviews for them.  Yelp has made it’s way into integration within Apple Maps, which has significant improvements over the previous default Google Maps app.  This app has turn-by-turn directions and a 3D fly-over feature.

Yelp’s integration into Apple Maps competes directly with Google’s integration of Zagat in their mapping service.  “The integration with Yelp to show more information about local restaurants (like hours and cuisine type) isn?t revolutionary, either, but we do like the tight integration with the OpenTable app (an exceedingly useful service if there ever was one). To make it happen when looking at a restaurant, just ask for reservations,” said CNET about the feature.