Yelp Now Offering Coupons For Mobile Check-Ins

Posted Nov 23, 2010

Foursquare was one of the first companies to offer incentives for checking in to venue partners. SCVNGR and Facebook copied off of Foursquare’s business model and now Yelp is jumping on board too. Yelp is now offering business owners “Check-in Offers” to venues.

Business rewards can also set up coupons for visitors after “x” amount of visits. You can offer a certain percentage off, free offers, or fixed price offers.

?Thirty percent of all Yelp search traffic is happening on our mobile apps, which means people are using the Yelp apps to search for businesses around them ? [the apps] are an opportunity for businesses to get in front of users, and checkin offers can help influence their decisions,? stated Yelp director of mobile and consumer products Eric Singley. Yelp said that check-ins have grown 50% month over month.