New York City Has Almost Double The Rate Of Female Founders

Posted Apr 11, 2012

When it comes to technology companies, it seems more likely that the founder will be male. According to a report by TechCrunch, which refers to stats from Startup Genome, New York has almost double the rate of female founders compared to London (90:10) and Silicon Valley (80:20).

It is difficult to determine why this is the case. Perhaps it is because of the growth of female-friendly and beauty startups. Perhaps the New York City vibe had a tendency to instill more confidence in female entrepreneurs compared to Silicon Valley and London.

Some of the other interesting bullet points from the article include:

– Product Types: Compared to New York entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are 2-times more likely to build games, 50 percent less likely to build marketplaces, 23 percent more likely to be build social networks, 3.5-times more likely to be build infrastructure and 2.5-times less likely to be build financial tools. Compared to entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, London entrepreneurs are 50 percent more likely to be build eCommerce products, 35 percent less likely to be build social products, 3.5-times less likely to be build products based on user-generated content and 2-times more likely to be build project management software.
– Market Type: Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are 13 percent more likely to tackle new markets than London entrepreneurs whereas London entrepreneurs are 21 percent more likely than entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to tackle existing markets with better products. New York entrepreneurs have the highest proportion of companies trying to re-segment existing markets with niche products. They are 30 percent more likely to build something niche than entrepreneurs in London.
-Founder Education Background: In London most founders have a masters degree, whereas in Silicon Valley and NYC most founders have just an undergraduate degree. But NYC has 2.2x more founders with Ph.Ds than Silicon Valley.
– Founder Age: The average age of founders in all three ecosystems is about the same, with an aggregate average of 33.5.