YOU & US FAIL! UBS Makes $31 Billion Order In Capcom, But Cancels It Out Of Error

Posted Feb 28, 2009

The Union Bank of Switzerland made a pretty massive error.  The Swiss bank company made a $31 billion order ($3 trillion yen) in convertible bonds in the Japanese game company.  This deal would have been the biggest on the Tokyo stock exchange, but it turns out the order was made on accident.  The amount was wrong due to a computer error.

In actuality the investment amount was supposed to be 31 million yen ($314,000).  On the official Capcom blog, the company revealed that they were ready to do a happy dance when they first heard amount the investment.

?The official Capcom happy-dance began when we heard that financial titan UBS AG placed an order for 3 TRILLION yen (that?s 31 billion bucks!) in Capcom stock yesterday. We were unfortunately forced to reveal that there, um, isn?t ¥3 trillion worth of Capcom stock for sale, so they revised their order to a measly ¥31 million.?

Regardless of the error, at least Capcom will have a great year with the release of Street Fighter IV and it sounds like The Legend of Chun Li movie is doing okay.  Capcom is also about to launch Resident Evil 5 on March 13.  UBS apologized for their error.

[via VentureBeat]