YouNoodle: An Over-Hyped Startup That Predicts Startup Success or Failure

Posted Feb 18, 2008

Imagine shaking a Magic 8-Ball and asking whether you think you’ll become a multimillionaire by age 15. After the Magic 8-Ball is done being shaken, a icosahedral die side with the word “Yes” appears visibly facing you through the inky water. Are you naïve enough that a Magic 8-Ball can predict your fortune? I’m not. And I do not think any differently about YouNoodle.

Aside with coming up with a bad name for their company Kirill Makharinsky and Bob Goodson made YouNoodle’s interface look too generic for a Web 2.0 company:

I credit the YouNoodle founders for being able to convince Peter Thiel and a few other investors that their company is clearly a good idea. And they were able to land a news article in The New York Times. But then again, so did PowerSet. And look where PowerSet is now.

I’m going to agree with TechCrunch on this one. YouNoodle looks like an inevitable failure.