YouSendIt Is Now Known As Hightail

Posted Jul 10, 2013

YouSendIt has been rebranded into a company called Hightail as part of a plan to emphasize their brand should be associated with collaboration and sharing rather than just file sharing.  Hightail CEO announced that the rebrand was coming during the Bloomberg Next Big Thing conference last month and wrote a blog post about it today.

“Hightail is a new identity that represents the current breadth of our services, as well as everything we aspire to become. It also marks the fundamental changes that have happened at our company,” stated Garlinghouse.  “Since I took over as CEO just over a year ago, we have worked hard to develop a culture that promotes true creativity and passion. Turning a good company with a good product into something great will only happen if talented people are inspired to be bold.”

Hightail worked with a branding agency called Siegel+Gale.  The design team at Hightail interviewed users, employees, board members, and industry analyst that would use the brand to come up with the new name.  They tested around 6-7 names before Hightail was selected.  You will notice that there is a red line on top of the H in the logo.  This is to symbolize a command line prompt.  The company did not use a customized font for the rebrand as the logo was hand drawn.

Hightail currently has 43 million users spread across 193 countries.  Highlight has users that are within 98% of the Fortune 500.  The company has raised $49 million in funding thus far.