YouTorrent, Now Legal And Looking For A Buyer

Posted Apr 14, 2008

YouTorrent is a .torrent file search engine that recently went legal. YouTorrent indexed results from The Pirate Bay, and btjunkie earlier. Basically, YouTorrent just pulled a Napster.

YouTorrent is like the Google of .torrent search.  There aren’t any ads on the homepage, just the search engine box and the logo.  Now that YouTorrent stopped aggregating content from all the other larger .torrent search engines, less people stayed using YouTorrent.

I did not really use YouTorrent much before because I’m not really into downloading .torrent files.  As a matter of fact, today was the first time I actually tried out a search on YouTorrent.  But now it seems like there are some interesting DJ mash-ups on here.

Since YouTorrent does not have any ads, the site most likely does not make much revenue (if any at all).  But the platform works great.  And YouTorrent receives around 10 million unique visitors per month.

â??We have had some interest [to buy] from some parties. On that basis, we have presented the site to other parties in the space to see if there is interest there also,â? stated Patrick, one of the founders of YouTorrent.  YouTorrent may be a good acquisition for BitTorrent to make.  BitTorrent acquired µTorrent, the software for downloading .torrent files in December 2006.

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