YouTube Adds Multiple Language Closed Caption To Video Uploads

Posted Aug 28, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) subsidiary YouTube has enhanced their video uploading features. Now users can add closed caption files to have words synched with videos.  Closed caption files are not ordinary text files or Word documents, they require a specific software.  One example is TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio.  Camtasia Studio costs about $299.

Closed captioning is supported across 120 languages on YouTube.  Once captions are added to a video, the viewer can enable or disable the feature while watching the video.

Here are a few examples of the feature:
-BBC’s Top Gear
-CNET Crave Blog Product reviews
– MIT Physics lecture.

To add closed caption, click on the up arrow on the bottom right corner of the video and hit CC.  Below is a screen shot of a video in Spanish closed caption.

I’d actually be more impressed if YouTube allowed users to add a text file to use as closed caption rather than having to own the software or paying someone else to make the CC file for you.  If Viddler can have a feature where users can comment on specific points of a video, why can’t YouTube allow you to add your own text to the video? 

Perhaps we’ll see this feature in the near future with Google’s acquisition of Omnisio.

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