YouTube Challenges iTunes With Paid Video Downloads

Posted Feb 12, 2009

Under the “My Videos” section of YouTube, it has been discovered that there is a list of purchased videos made.  Some of YouTube’s partners will be offering videos to purchase in a similar fashion as iTunes.  Remember Google Video, the site that the search engine company launched before buying YouTube?  They tried paid video downloads there too but it failed. My guess is that YouTube will have more success.

Videos can be downloaded in an MP4 format and some will be available to download for free, licensed under Public Domain or Creative Commons.  For example, Stanford University offers video downloads for free under the Creative Commons license.  If the download has a payment requirement, YouTube will redirect you to Google Checkout.

“YouTube users who are traveling or teachers who want to show these videos in classrooms with limited or no connectivity should find this particularly useful,” stated Thai Tran, Product Manager at YouTube.  “A small number of other YouTube partners, including khanacademy, householdhacker and pogobat, are also participating in this test as an additional distribution and revenue-generating tool.”

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